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Financial investigations

We help you to protect yourself from the consequences of fraud, theft and inefficiency


Are you concerned about fraud or employee misconduct?

When misconduct is suspected or alleged, it is very important that the Board and senior management respond both swiftly and decisively. You need experienced, nimble specialists. Contour Capital will help you to identify the evidence and establish the facts, empowering you to resolve the issue quickly and effectively, whilst minimising both disruption and cost. The experience of Contour Capital and our associates, across multiple industries, enables us to deliver a comprehensive suite of investigation services. We have diverse investigation experience obtained in corporate and law enforcement roles.

We have experience investigating

  • Theft of assets and confidential information
  • Actions that have caused brand and reputational damage
  • Fraud and accounting manipulation
  • Breaches of bribery and corruption legislation, both in Australia and in other jurisdictions, in particular Africa
  • Breaches of internal codes of conduct and internal policies, including bullying and harassment, both in corporate settings, but in particular in local and state Government settings
  • Employee, vendor and agent misconduct
  • Workforce and contractor management
  • Project governance.

Our investigation procedures include

  • Identifying, securing and analysing key date and key documentation
  • Researching and interviewing key individuals
  • Tracing assets and evaluating individuals financial circumstances to assist in fund recovery
  • Quantification of loss caused by theft, brand damage or fraud
  • Reconstructing and analysing financial records
  • Collaborating with counsel on investigative interviews and prosecutions
  • Liaising with law enforcement agencies and regulators
  • Preparing authoritative, written expert reports, briefs of evidence etc. for criminal and civil proceedings.

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