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Business valuations

Business and company valuations are frequently needed during the course of business deals, disputes, or for taxation or financial reporting purposes


We utilise a range of best practice valuation techniques

In completing our valuation, we perform detailed market research and comparative analyses, taking into account the specific micro-economic and macro-economic circumstances in which the business is operating.

We can help you with many valuation issues

    • The valuation of business for mergers and acquisitions and in transactional situations, including synergy analysis or for bank finance purposes.
    • The valuation of businesses, shares and other equity for tax purposes (e.g. capital gains, transfer pricing, stamp duty etc.)
    • Valuations for financial accounting purposes, including Purchase Price Allocations, goodwill impairment, carrying value assessments)
    • The valuation of business and shares for Family Law and other Court purposes, including the provision of expert witness testimony. We have deep expertise and experience in valuations in relation to matrimonial disputes, including as single expert witness in many Family Law Court matters.
    • The appointment, briefing and management of independent experts appointed to prepare reports required by the Corporations Law or ASX Listing Rules in relation to change in control transactions.

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