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Contract compliance

We help to ensure that you are not ‘ripped off’ by those companies or individuals with whom you do business


Do you worry that your contractors are overcharging you or that you haven't maximised your claims?

For many companies, ‘contract compliance’ comprises incurring large costs to get a small army of junior accountants to “tick and bash” thousands of invoices in the hope of finding errors and patterns of errors. This is costly and inefficient.We help you to manage your contracts and business relationships in a smart, cost-effective way. We know the errors made by contractors, we know the tricks employed and we target these high risk areas with surgical precision to deliver high value-added outcomes.

Typically, the cost of our services is more than covered by our findings and we are happy to back our expertise by participating on performance based / commission style fee structures with our clients.

Ensuring good contract management is a key issue for many companies — in terms of both enhancing income and reducing costs. Ensuring that your counterparties meet the terms of the contracts that you have put in place and that you extract full value can be challenging – but Contour Capital can help you to identify overpayments you make and underpayments you receive.Whether in relation to large construction projects, licensing of intellectual property or outsourcing of services, the value of a well-negotiated bargain can be significantly eroded if parties are not held to the terms of a contract.

Contour Capital helps companies in a non-adversarial, timely, methodical and confidential way to:

    • Improve revenue or reduce costs as well as resolving complex relationship and contracting issues
    • Help business partners understand and meet the terms of their agreements
    • Avoid or recover cash from overpricing and overpayments to suppliers and service providers
    • Compile claims to maximise revenue
    • Reduce and manage risks and protect intellectual property
    • Design and implement more effective financial reporting controls and processes to ensure compliance and transparency
    • Modify and enhance contract wording to reduce disputes and maximise clarity.

How we help our clients

Working as part of our client’s contract management team to anticipate contract risks that need coverage or improved contract management

Compliance reviews and payments verification testing on major projects in the mining, oil and gas and construction sectors

Reviewing arrangements with unions to identify opportunities to reduce costs, in particular for overseas companies who are more vulnerable to certain union practices

Advice in relation to disputes flowing from alleged non-compliance with contractual requirements, including providing expert witness testimony on financial issues

Investigation of suspected non-compliance with contractual requirements

Reviews of expenditure and acquittal of funds on behalf of private and public funding bodies

Assessments of counterparties’ financial capacity to remain solvent and meet their contractual obligations

Construction advisory services including analysis of construction costs, project cost evaluation, on-site observation (e.g. video and photography of job progress)

Assistance with developing and implementing effective project control and compliance regimes

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