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Forensic services

We specialise in solving problems for customers in disputes where money is important. We have specific knowledge and expertise in the provision of dispute advisory, forensic accounting and financial investigation services


We help you solve complex problems and investigate fraud

We provide expert financial and accounting evidence, quantifications of loss and damage, business and company valuations and investigations of financial transactions. Forensic accounting services cover a wide variety of work, including the provision of expert witness testimony, the quantification of loss and damages in commercial litigation, the preparation of business valuations, shares and options and the investigation of financial transactions.

Our client base is diverse and we cover all court jurisdictions. we provide high quality, cost-effective solutions in family law, commercial and other matters. We provide legal firms, companies and Government with hands-on, cost effective solutions to complex problems. We help you to achieve optimal outcomes in challenging situations.

Contour Capital assists

  • Forensic accounting and dispute advisory
  • Financial investigations
  • Business valuations

We also work with associates to provide Forensic Information Technology services.

We bring to the table

  • A deep understanding of the litigation process and strong experience in the provision of expert witness testimony. Experience and reputation are essential in the context of litigation.
  • The ability to demonstrate expertise in our areas of expertise, including business valuations and loss of profit and damages evaluations.
  • The dedication of the services of our Managing Director, Duncan Calder, to all engagements, with heavy hands-on personal involvement. Unlike with many other firms, there is no cost to our clients in training up junior staff that still charge you an arm and a leg!
  • Attention to detail and quality control
  • Clarity, precision and objectivity in the reporting of our findings
  • Highly competitive fee structures. Why pay rates of $500-$1000 an hour – when, for a fraction of the price, you can access resources with comparable or better experience?

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